A Different Kind of Pain


Happy New Year, everyone.
Just a reminder:
My Twilight fan fiction, A Different Kind of Pain, will be removed from all sites later today.  I do this with a heavy heart, but am so excited about what is in store for this story.  I have many queries out in the publishing world regarding this story, and I hope to announce to you soon that it will be in publication.
Thank you all for your love and support during this endeavor.  I’m truly blessed to have wonderful readers such as you.


4 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pain

  1. Hey Jeanne, I'm so sorry you're taking this down, I'm still catching up due to family issues and I wanted to be able to converse with you as I completed the remaining chapters. I'm glad that you're pursuing something outside of fanfiction, but disappointed that you had to remove this story. I have loved every chapter and it's just been such a crazy few months for me that I didn't get a chance to sit and read it and comment on it as it deserved. I read up to chapter 35, but now I'm not so sure how much I missed…well, except for the whole ending! I should have paid more attention to what was going on, but I honestly didn't know you were removing it. Guess I'll try to see if someone has a copy I can finish. Much luck to you in whatever you do!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I am a member of Fan fiction, Twilighted and the TWCS Library and I was looking for this story for the last week because I wanted to read it over again!! It was so good and I truly hope that it does get published and I will definitely be in line to by it!

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