I don’t know about all the other author’s out there, but I know for me, writing a synopsis for my book started out as an absolute nightmare.  How on earth are you supposed to take 200+ pages of your work and condense it down to two or three pages?  Impossible, right?  Wrong.  It’s done every day.

When I set out on the journey to write a synopsis, I did what anyone would do.  I did some heavy duty research.  I found website upon website, all giving the magical equation as to how to write a killer synopsis.   Let me tell you this, all it did was confuse the bajebuz out of me.

Finally, I decided I was over thinking the whole process.  When pitching a new story idea to my fan fic beta, I’d write out what I saw happening from beginning to end.  It was that logic I used to create my synopsis.  And it worked!  All of the stress I had regarding writing a brief to-do about my book disappeared.  Because I pretended I was writing to a trusted friend, (mind you I used better grammar than I would with my beta and I proofed the heck out of the darn thing) all of my anxiety evaporated.  Once I was comfortable in my own skin again, I was able to create a synopsis I was proud of.

So, I’ve said all of that to basically say this…do what is comfortable for you.  Don’t freak out.  Just relax and let your words flow.  You’re a writer after all, and writers write.  It’s that simple.


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