I don’t care who you are or where you come from, rejection hurts.  Whether it comes from someone you love, someone you hate, or someone you’ve never even met, it still hurts.  And it doesn’t matter how much someone tries to tell you to keep your chin up, you still feel like a complete and total failure.

The same applies with being rejected by publishing houses.  Sure, some will be kind enough to tell you why, but nine times out of ten you get a generic letter stating that they aren’t interested in your work.  Of course, you’re grateful at the mere fact that they even acknowledged that they read your work, but that feeling doesn’t go away- that feeling that somehow you’re not good enough.

I’ve felt that way.  Trust me it hurts.  But thankfully, I have a loving support system that reminds me that someone, somewhere will find my work to be worthy and desire to publish me.  They also make sure to remind me that many of my favorite authors faced the same rigors that I am.

So, in their honor, I’m going to show you a list (that might astound some of you) of world renowned authors who faced rejection.  And with their legacy in mind, I remind myself (and you) to not give up on your hopes and dreams.

JK Rowling: Harry Potter was denied 12 times before a small London publishing house took a chance on her

CS Lewis: Is said to have been rejected nearly 800 times before he ever published.  Now, I’m skeptical of that number but if it’s correct…damn! That’s one determined man.

Margaret Mitchell: Was rejected 38 times before Gone With the Wind was published.

Stephenie Meyer: 14 rejections before she was picked up.

John Grisham: Not only was he rejected by over a dozen publishers, but 15 agents as well

The list could go on and on, but I will say this.  Don’t give up.  Don’t let the fear of failure and rejection hinder you, and never stop believing in yourself.


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