The Kitchen Door Teaser – @Fandoms4Autism entry

Here it is, folks.  A teaser from my original story The Kitchen Door.
Cari was leaning against the bar, her head in her hands, hating what she was about to do.  Her parents may’ve still owned the business, but it was her job to run it.  Calling her dad for help was the last thing she wanted to do, but she had no other options.
“Ahem,” a deep, sultry voice interrupted her self-loathing.
Glancing between her fingers, Cari’s stomach leaped into her throat at the sight of the handsome man standing before her, grinning that award winning smile.
“I couldn’t help but overhearing your conversation.  Is there anything I can do to help?” Adam asked.
“Uh, well, um,” Cari stuttered, dropping her hands.  “I, uh…”
“Are you okay?”  Adam’s eyes danced with amusement.
She straightened up, shaking her head and took a deep breath.  “Unless you know where I can find a waiter in the next ten minutes, I don’t think you can help me.  Thanks for offering though.”
“What about me?”
“Come again?”
Adam’s lips tilted in a playful smirk.  “That’s what she said.”
Heat exploded in Cari’s face.  “Oh, God, I fell right into that one.”
“Yes, you did,” Adam guffawed.  “So, do I have a job?”

This short story has been donated to the Fandoms 4 Autism compilation. It is also the basis of my next original book series.  So, if you’d like a sneak peak at what I have in store for the future, please donate to the Fandoms 4 Autism.  As a parent of an autistic child, I can’t stress enough the importance that organizations like this have our lives.  Please, every little bit helps.  
Thank you all for your support.


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