The Kitchen Door

All her life, Cari Richards has struggled with her self-esteem.  Even after shedding seventy pounds, Cari still can’t see past her imperfections.  She spends her days managing her family’s small-town diner, The Kitchen Door, where she daydreams about the gorgeous man that frequents the establishment.  Adam Hill is rich, handsome, and famous which is all the more reason why Cari is certain that a man like him could never be interested in a girl like her; that is until fate steps in.  

A fluke incident leaves Cari with half her wait staff, a busy diner, and a millionaire offering his assistance.  His only request is that Cari agrees to go on a date with him.  Caught up in a whirlwind romance, Cari realizes that even the flawless people, indeed, have flaws.

In book one of the Flawless trilogy, Cari and Adam face the effects of love in the real world. Together, they will reveal their pasts, overcome their weaknesses, and find a love that neither ever expected to find.


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