Donate! Autism Speaks


Can you imagine hearing the words “your child has autism”? In a split second, life – as you know it – has changed. For a different family every 11 minutes, tomorrow will never be the same.  Approximately 1 out of 88 children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism, and 1 out of 54 of those children are boys.
Funding for research is so limited at this time.  Autism receives less than 5% of research funding for childhood diseases.  On October 12, 2013, my family and friends will be participating in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks walk in Dallas, Texas.  By donating even $5.00 toward our walk for Autism, you’re helping children, like my son, Alex, have a future.


With your donation, you can help change a family’s life, like mine.  Please help us make tomorrow be about soccer practice, school lunches and first words rather than therapy, doctor appointments and despair. Together, we will find the missing pieces.

 Donate Today!ImageEvery little bit helps
Thank you for your donations and support.  

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