Don’t Take the Girl Download!!

Bella Swan is the smartest girl in school and despite his popularity, to her Edward Cullen is nothing more than a rich bully who makes fun of her glasses and books. She hates him for making her feel insignificant and avoids him at all costs. Then one day her father decides to take Edward on a fishing trip that is destined to change their lives forever. 
The two eight-year-olds are thrown together in an old fishing boat and with perseverance and determination, Edward attempts to get Bella to see past the bully he has become, admitting it’s just a façade and he really does care for her. She decides to give him a chance and they soon form a bond of friendship that can’t be broken.
As the years pass, friendship blooms into puppy love, puppy love turns into passion, and their passion becomes a deep-seated love.  Along with their four closest friends, they share the joys and pains of adolescence, and learn the lessons of life and love. 
Through it all, Bella and Edward have to answer only one simple question: Can love really conquer all?
Don’t Take the Girl is NOW Available for Download!
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