Book Boyfriends

Admit it.  We all have them.  That one guy, described in our favorite book, who meets every criteria we’ve ever imagined for our perfect fantasy guy.  You know the one I’m talking about.  I bet he even hides in your nightstand, waiting for you to spend time with him.

But what makes the book boyfriend so special?  

It differs for each of us.  Some like tattoos and piercings.  Some prefer the clean-cut, corporate types.  Others want the shy bookworm.   It’s true, we each have different personalities and tastes that intrigue us, but each one of our fantasy boyfriends have one thing in common.  It’s the one thing that draws us back over and over and over again.


Romance is the key element that everyone woman (and man…admit it guys, you like romance too) craves.

Our book boyfriend may start off as a an egotistical, self-centered, arrogant jerk, but no matter what, there is an undercurrent of romance in him that surfaces the moment that special girl enters the room.

So, the next time you read your favorite book, try to pinpoint what romantic attribute your book boyfriend has.  What draws you to him?  You might be surprised when you discover a pattern.


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