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Howdy, folks!
I hope to find you well.  And welcome to all of you who might’ve meandered over from Tessa Gray‘s website.  She’s an amazing lady to whom I’ve had the great pleasure of both learning from and being inspired by.
This week with Romance Writer’s Weekly, we were asked by the lovely Brenda Margriet how do we choose our settings for our books and if our hometowns act as inspiration.
Well, let me start by saying, I wish there was some sort of voice from the heavens that sang out, “Jeanne, you will set this book in this location.”  That would make the whole ordeal so much easier.  But sadly, there are no clouds that break forth and declare the locale for my books.
Hmm, maybe there’s an app for that. HAHA!
animated_ocean_waveFor me, location is a major part of the story.  It’s very important that my readers feel as if they are not only reading the story but are apart of it.  So, when I sit down to start writing a new book, the first thing I do is consider the setting.  For example, with The Truth in Lies, I knew I needed a beach, but finding the right beach, well that was the mystery.  Lucky for me, I have a very dear friend who lives on the Gulf coast.  With her knowledge of the area, I was able to create the world for which Drew and McKenzie to meet.  Later in book two, The Certainty of Deception, I was inspired by my own hometown of Amarillo, Texas.  That right there answers the second part of Brenda’s question – yes, I am inspired by my home.  Texas is such a large state with so many variances in climates and ranges that it’s easy to write a whole story here.
Take Renegade, a short story I wrote as part of Branded: A Bad Boy Anthology, for example.  The setting is completely fiction, but for my car thief to have a viable way of transporting his goods I needed some sort of seaport.  So, I utilized the Houston area to create my own little town.  It worked and made for a mysterious location for a cop and thief to unite.
I personally believe that the location must be embedded in the personalities of the hero/heroine.  A strong love for their home or where they might be venturing has to affect them in some way or fashion.  Addison’s curiosity in Sebastian Hawk and his world is what led to the creation of the house in Indulgence.  It took me weeks to find the right house, because this was no normal book where our main characters would venture here and there.  No, it all took place in one central location – a mansion.  Which brings me to my last point.
Pictures make for great inspiration.  I have been known to Google something as silly as “Far Off Places” to find a googlesetting.  A work I have in progress, currently untitled, has a setting that was derived from Google search like that.  Because of the supernatural nature of this story, I needed something different, unusual, and very much mystical.  Never fear Google as a viable source for places.  You’d be surprised at what you might find.  Heck, Stephenie Meyer put a little, no name town called Forks on the map all because of a map search.
By the way, if you have any suggestions of places you think I should check out for a potential story locale, leave me a little comment.  I’ll be more than happy to add them to my list. 🙂
Well, that’s it for this week.  Make sure you go by and check out Brenda Margriet‘s responses.  Leave her a little note and tell her I sent you.
Take care!
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