Safe Sex in Books

I was trolling Facebook the other day and came across a post about safe sex in books.  There was a long (and quite heated) debate on the importance of portraying safe sex in books.  In my mind, and I think many readers will agree with me, in a M/F romance when a condom is not mentioned, I automatically assume there’s a baby about to emerge between the couple.

I realize that authors are not responsible to teach safe sex practices and what we’re writing is fantasy, but c’mon.  Let’s be realistic.  In today’s day and age, a couple, no matter what sexual orientation they are, would use a condom unless they’re in a long-term committed relationship and have either:

1. sought out other birth control methods, or
2. intend on reproducing.

Another argument was that adding a sentence about slipping on a condom slows down the sex scene and takes away from the spirit of the moment.  Bull crap!  It’s one sentence, and if done right, can make the scene even more passionate.  “He rips the foil packet open with his teeth.” Yowza!  “She takes the condom from him, basking in his trembling body as she slips it on him.” NICE!

Personally, I think, no matter the genre, unless we’re talking historical and there’s a fine line on that one, a condom or contraceptive should be a factor in any well written sex scene.  Sure, it might be fantasy, but the fun of fantasy is how close it can toe the line of reality.  We have to make this believable after all.


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